Mealtimes are always important

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We offer a wide variety of healthy, nutritious food

In the Summer of 2015 we decided that we wanted to offer more choice and variety at main meal times and so renewed our kitchen equipment and moved to a specialist supplier of prepared foods for hospitals, nursing and care homes. This allows us to offer the choice of three tasty meals at the main meal time and ensure that every meal is balanced nutritionally and that we can always cater for residents that have different dietary needs including difficulties with swallowing. 

 We home cook breakfast and evening meal and again can incorporate specialist prepared meals so we can offer a wider and delicious choice. We always offer morning and afternoon tea, coffee, biscuits homemade cakes and drinks are always available on request. 

Of course you may take your meal in your room if that is what you prefer. 
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If you fancy a drink

You may like to keep a little tipple of something in your room and if you like to take a glass of beer or wine with your meal please let us know, however, outside of special occasions, alcoholic drinks will be at your own cost (only the supermarket cost). 

 Certain medications and treatment plans may mean that alcohol is off the menu.
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Eating difficulties

We work with specialists as we identify any particular eating difficulties in any resident and this means that the correct styles of food are offered which can be both enjoyed for taste whilst being easy to eat. 

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