We use activities to deliver Meaningful Occupation 

Please read here so we can explain how important Meaningful Occupation is to you well-being

Meaningful Occupation 

What do we mean by Meaningful Occupation? Everyone is different. So we get know you, your likes and dislikes around activities and the ways you like to spend your time. We develop a program for each individual within their Care Plan, this may be group and/or individual activities. We understand that everyone has their own view of how they wish to spend their leisure time and how they like to be occupied.

We have demonstrated that by occupying our residents at the right time of the day in the way that is most meaningful for that person it creates a higher level of satisfaction for that individual. Additionally where a resident is living with dementia this can mean they are happier about eating a meal, or taking on hydration, or looking forward to the next part of the day. We are keen to ensure that our residents 'live well' with dementia and enjoy everyday at Courtlands.    

Since November 2015 we have built an additional team with extra staff called the Care Support team to take on Meaningful Occupation. This is one of the ways in which we deliver care which is centered around you.   

When you come to visit Courtlands to take a look around make sure you ask us about Meaningful Occupation and what we can do for you.
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Trained staff 

Our experienced professionals work hard to ensure that every member in our care home enjoys every moment of their time. All our group activities, fun but gentle activities are followed by relaxation sessions using relaxation techniques or music. In 2017, we started poetry writing and extended gardening activities to include trips to the garden centre to choose plants and bulbs to grow. 
Care and health
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Our activities for the elderly include: 

Gardening, Exercise 
Massage sessions, Cooking 
Flower arranging, Group singing 
Reminiscing sessions, Hairdressing
Nail care and pedicure sessions
Art and crafts including:- 
Bingo, board games, crossword and jigsaws 

Additionally, Courtlands Care Home also arranges outings which include festive trips, for example 'Christmas Lights' in and around Penzance and Helston area, visits to museums, art galleries, café, shopping and out for lunch or ice-cream. Church service is also organised fortnightly.  Contact us today.
For compassionate end of life care services mid-way between Penzance and Helston, get in touch with Courtlands Care Home on 
01736 710476

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